How Do You Feel About a Drone Dropping Off Your Amazon Orders?

delivery drone

Relevant question.  And it sure beats many of the current ways drones are used.  Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, revealed to “60 Minutes” that he has dreams for the company to make deliveries via drone, within a half hour of a customer’s purchase, in the not so distant future.  His prediction — or hope — is that the technology and infrastructure will be ready to go in about five years.  For what it’s worth, an Australian company, Flirtey, has already applied to use an app/drone delivery program in that country to mail shoppers their textbook orders.  None of this out of the realm of possibility.

For Amazon, progress so far has meant the creation of a prototype of a delivery drone, called an octocopter, which has claws at its bottom to hold a package and back-up engines to make the thing safe.  In theory, the company’s drone use would kick off with remote human guidance (making it expensive, and a prime delivery system) but would evolve into being fully automated.  Which would make it a lot cheaper and…a feat of the modern era.

Of course, a lot has change for any of this to grow beyond being a CEO’s pipe dream.  First and foremost, the FAA has to change laws governing drones and the use of airspace before our skies become black-dotted, clogged up, terrifying Amazon delivery ways.  In the meantime, it’s something to ponder while you shop Cyber Monday sales — what IF a flying robot dropped off your purchases a half hour after clicked “confirm purchase?”