Group Buy Artisan Goods, For Good, With WE’VE


Happy almost New Year!  While resolutions regarding gyms and sugar and being nicer to Great-Aunt Martha abound, we’re sure, how about adding buying fashion in a better way to the mix?  A favorite recent discovery we’re happy to add to our New Year improvements is WE’VE, a site devoted to the social, lean production of artisans’ wares.

Taking a cue from the group buying model, of all things, WE’VE has shoppers pre-order its jewelry, tech accessories, textiles, and so on, and share their potential new buys with friends.  An item goes into production — and you get charged — only when a minimum order has been reached.  What sets WE’VE apart from a few other sites like this is the involvement that follows — their team of makers, who are scattered around the world, will update you with photos and video of your things being made.  While the IOU Project, an old favorite of ours which specializes in handwoven madras from India, also provides media of its artisans at their craft, not too many multi-brand online retailers are offering a service exactly like that of WE’VE.

Anyway, who wouldn’t want to learn about how the things they wear are made?   In this case, small production involves educational production, and we’ll take that.

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