Combine Technology, The Holidays, and Luxury With 3D Printed, Saks-Endorsed Snowflakes

Saks and MakerBot 3D printed snowflakes

Now through Christmas Eve, head to Saks Fifth Avenue’s midtown Manhattan flagship to take home something you’ve probably never decorated your tree with before: a 3D printed snowflake.  The department store and MakerBot conceived of the freebie together (it’s a gift for customers who spend $150 via MasterCard) in order to offer a very tech-forward seasonal ornament.  “Saks Fifth Avenue partnered with us on this fun project to bring a 3D printed ‘White Christmas’ to their iconic Fifth Avenue retail store,” explained Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot.

The Vancouver artist Marian Bantjes, known for her vector art and custom typefaces, designed the snowflakes.  The ornament is a neat way to put together technology, art, and luxury in a free holiday package, but also seems to represent the ties MakerBot is growing with fashion.  While our own recent experience with MakerBot involved witnessing the launch of a 3D scanner, which rapidly created digital models of seashells and gnomes, the company has  been making headlines for its 3D-printable fabric, Flexible Filament, which is the first commercially available option of its kind.  The partnership with Saks, as token (literally) as it might be, is another first for MakerBot within the fashion industry.

It’s also seasonally appropriate and, well, cute.  As much as we’d prefer our snow to be 3D printed by actual clouds, we’ll take a MakerBot version of a snowflake as a replacement as long as it stays bright and sunny on the East Coast through December…

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