Another “Shazam For Fashion” App Launches

Style Eyes

Numerous fashion tech start-ups have tried their hands at creating successful, shoppable street style apps — a “Shazam for fashion” service of sorts, one that actually works to locate matching styles.  Some versions, like Kaleidoscope, had great interfaces but have already shut down (were they ahead of their time? Maybe).  Shazam itself, meanwhile, is supposedly working on an app that would let users, well, Shazam the fashion they see, but only off television.  And for our money, we’ve had decent luck playing around with Snap Fashion, which isn’t exactly a Shazam-for-fashion platform, but operates on a similar basis, allowing users to complete visual, rather than descriptive, searches for clothing and accessories.

Style Eyes in action

The latest app to offer another version of a visual search service, Style Eyes, just launched out of Britain.  Besides representing a decent new version of the shoppable platform, the app also arranges search results by price (useful) and offers discount codes throughout its product listings.  To keep clothing matches, or near matches, up to date and in stock, the developers are working with about 400 different retailers.  Considering the app is based in Europe, the wide range of e-commerce should be useful to find relevant matches shipping to the U.S.

We’ll keep our eye, ahem, on Style Eyes; it has the potential to be a Shazam-for-fashion with staying power.  In the meantime, download the app for iPhone or Android — it’s free, so at least the hunt to cop strangers’ style won’t cost you.