Will Upscale Partnerships Save the Monthly Online Subscription Model?

Intimint by Cosabella

Beginning a couple of years ago, there was a flurry of press about how great the celebrity-endorsed, of-the-month, new subscription site business model was.  Then came the noise about the huge investments they reaped, followed by a slow down in growth.  After that, some gave up the model entirely, transitioning into more traditional, and reliable e-commerce.

IntiMint, however, is trying something new.  One of the four remaining channels in the BeachMint family, which operates separate but related one-note women’s fashion subscription sites, the underthings-focused venue just signed a deal with Cosabella, the high-end Italian lingerie company.  Given IntiMint’s start-up status and its parent company’s ups and downs (they have yet to turn a profit) against Cosabella’s thirty year history, this partnership is a coup for the BeachMint group.

With the addition of a well-known name but strategically lower prices — $20 to $120 versus Cosabella’s typical $40 to $180 — IntiMint by Cosabella seems poised to do well.  And to that end, BeachMint has similar partnerships in the works for its other properties, StyleMint, JewelMint, and ShoeMint.  This sort of agreement both raises the Mints’ profiles and helps their bottom line — whatever they don’t sell can just go back to their retail partner.  The monthly subscription model is taking a while to find its footing, but this particular retail group might have finally landed on a streamlined, sustainable strategy that will work.


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