Tim Gunn Launches a (Non-Partisan) Political Fashion Commentary Column

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary, for one, has been looking quite pulled together as of late.  Image courtesy of Magnus Manske.

Leave your politics at the door, but do bring your fashion sense.  In a new monthly column for Politico, Project Runway host and Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. Fashion Dean Tim Gunn and political journalist Ada Calhoun are taking a gander at politicians’ best and worst fashion moments, Democrat, Republican, Independent, or otherwise.  It’s one way to reach across the aisle!

For their inaugural column (see what we did there?), Gunn and Calhoun size up the style of potential 2016 Presidential candidates.  Hillary Clinton fares well, despite a mention of her “travel-worn” look during her last days with the State Department.  Joe Biden likewise gets a nod for appearing crisper than usual of late.  Ted Cruz, however, is a bit too rumpled, and Rand Paul’s suits are, for some reason, always too big for him (this is true).  Paul Ryan is congratulated for his better suit-wearing-skills, but the team recommends he ditch the khakis.  Likewise, Chris Christie should abandon his favored fleeces if he’s trying to look serious, and Marco Rubio needs to slim down his ties and leave the wide stripes at home.  Other politicians assessed include Michele Bachmann, Kelly Ayotte, Scott Walker, Nikki Haley, Martin O’Malley, and Cory Booker.  Phew!  It’s going to be a lonnnnng run-up to the actual announcement of official candidacies and the race itself.

With all the noise about D.C.’s new hipness, it’s only fitting (again, see what we did there?) that its biggest players get a fashionable once-over from those in the know.  Gunn and Calhoun are the right folks for the job, offering measured, snark-free commentary across the political spectrum.  And, we must say, we’re awfully glad to see they’re offering their assessment of male politicians’ looks right along with the ladies.  The latter far too often bear the brunt of style snarking, while their male counterparts get a total pass, despite too-wide ties and perpetual casual Friday looks unwisely donned all week.  Here’s to the column’s next installment, the subjects of which remain to be seen, but whom we’re sure will get a fair going-over.

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