Our 5 Favorite Digital Things This Week

Waris Ahluwalia for Gap

1.  After someone scrawled racist graffiti on one of the brand’s ads featuring Waris Ahluwalia, a designer and actor who happens to be Sikh, Gap responded by making the ad its Twitter and Facebook headers.  Way to go, Gap.

2.  Amazon and eBay are stepping up their mobile game and increasing same-day delivery for this season’s holiday shopping go-round.

3.  The advent of 3-D printing is also the advent of a bunch of new lawsuits.  So, maybe not such good news.

4.  Consignment start-up/clothing swap site Bib & Tuck launched an app, making it even easier to unload your duds and browse others’ choice threads.

5.  This trailer for Karl Lagerfeld’s short film The Return, about Coco Chanel’s American debut is great, and apparently Lagerfeld didn’t even use a script: