Our 5 Favorite Digital Things This Week

Jean Paul Gaultier

1.  Jean Paul Gaultier released a new campaign video and put funny games all over his site to celebrate it.

2.  Google released images of the next round of Glass; it does not appear Warby Parker had a hand in the design.  But now there’s an earbud!

3.  Juicy Couture is previewing its spring ad campaign entirely on Snapchat tomorrow.  Add the brand now to see flash-in-the-pan shots of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Emily DiDonato.

4.  Online favorite Bonobos is going to launch a women’s line, Ayr, starting with denim this fall.

5.  The first-ever Instagram ad debuted today, and unsurprisingly, it came from fashion.  It’s for a Michael Kors watch.

Michael Kors Instagram ad

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