In Beauty, Sustainability is Becoming a Brand Builder

Burt's Bees

A great dispatch from Paris, where a summit on sustainable cosmetics was held this week: mainstream brands are embracing the movement, and it turns out that doing so seriously helps a company’s stock price.  Sounds mutually beneficial…and thus, sustainable.

As more and more consumers in Western Europe seek out credibly green products, companies who are seen as “meaningful” outperform the stock market overall by 120%.  While big brands are starting to change the way they do business to appeal to consumers’ evolving desires, that’s a huge incentive to keep up the good work, literally speaking.

What’s also really important in doing sustainability the right way is taking a holistic approach.  The eco-friendly features can’t just lie in product formulations — the brands who do well and actually meet audience expectations, are the ones who incorporate greener methodology in everything from their packaging to the way they approach their marketing.

Last but not least, credibility is key.  For brands to see an equity boost, the Paris summit concluded, some kind of eco or organic certification is absolutely necessary.  As consumers increasingly seek out certain ingredients while religiously avoiding others, they’re also becoming way more conscious about being tricked or swindled.

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