New Note-Sending App, Bond, Renders Gift-Giving Almost Automatic

Bond Gifts

We’re still planning our Halloween costume, but retailers are getting ready to plunge you into a holiday tailspin.   Let’s kick things off with ways to make it easier, shall we?  A just-launched app for the iPhone and iPad, Bond Gifts, successfully applies the notion of one-touch mobile commerce to gift-giving.

To send a gift, enter what you want to spend into the app, browse an array of options, from wine to cufflinks, and select a recipient from your contact list.  If you have their mailing address, enter it.  If you don’t, the app texts them, for you, to prompt them to offer it.  And of course, you’ve already uploaded your credit card info, once, to have on file for eternity.  Send gift, the end.  Sound like every other gifting app?  Well, it’s not, because Bond sets itself apart with a handwriting robot.

Bond Gifts brandingBond’s branding.  Pretty appealing, right?

Yep, Bond will use a robot to transcribe your accompanying note into something handwritten. They plan to eventually offer a few different styles so you can use the one that best matches your own.

Furthermore, because the app can be used to send just the notes, sans any present, it takes care of all sides of gifting — the sending, receiving, and the thank yous.  Sounds useful for every aspect of the looming holidays.

Neither here nor there, but when is the name “Bond” going to be maxed out, at least applied to retail?  This app has nothing to do with Bond No. 9 or Treasure & Bond.  With a handwriting-replicating robot on staff, though, it most closely conjures up that other Bond, James.

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