Google Glass Got an Update; Still Looks Like Google Glass

Google Glass

Bad news for Warby Parker/wearable tech aficionados everywhere — Google released images of its latest Glass models, and they look as futuristically nerdy as ever.  Maybe even more so.

Though Warby Parker is supposed to be working with Google on the device’s aesthetic design, this update, which includes an earbud, definitely looks nothing like the disruptive eyewear start-up’s respectable Preston and Huxley models.  Sigh.  If anything, the techie component on Glass has gotten bigger and more prominent.

Google Glass 2New Google Glass, now with a big earbud.  Images courtesy of Google+.

So, we still have to ask, would you wear these things?  Would you pay $1500 for Glass?  The upcoming versions are driving us to find ever more appeal in the occasionally outlandish claims of Glass’s competitors.

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