For iPad Mags, E-Commerce via ShopThis Could Be the Next Big Thing


It’s funny, in a way, that this didn’t happen already.  Today, MasterCard announced a retail partnership with Condé Nast that will allow tablet readers to buy from both editorials and paid advertising.  The technology, ShopThis, rolls out beginning on October 15, with the November issue of Wired.

ShopThis is launching right on time.  Start-ups and the old guard alike are evolving to both accommodate and encourage consumer instant gratification.  With the advent of same-day courier delivery (thanks, eBay), shoppable walls, and click-and-pick-up services all becoming the norm, what do you expect shoppers to do when they see a product in a magazine and want it?  Google it?  Of course it should be click-able and buy-able within moments of discovery.

Related and no, last March, Condé announced a $20 million investment in luxury multi-boutique site farfetch.  Starting next week, ShopThis will be solely used in conjunction with products featured in Wired, for the duration of an undisclosed test period.  Shouldn’t have too much to do with farfetch and its pantheon of luxury and emerging fashion.  However, if the program works well, it’ll probably make its way to the digital pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and the rest of the publisher’s more style-based titles.  With ShopThis allowing advertisers to compete against each other (in the form of offering shoppable ads, or not) and against the magazines themselves (and now, the online retail in which the publisher has a vested interest), some profound changes in fashion advertising might be afoot.

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