Amazon Opened That Giant Brooklyn Photo Studio


Shopbop is Amazon’s successful advanced contemporary retail site, but the company hopes to push farther into the luxury sphere.

So, Amazon walks into a bar…and takes it over.  That’s it, that’s the whole joke.  Not much of a punchline, but a worthy euphemism for what the online retail behemoth is about to do in fashion.  After a lot of sturm und drang and handwringing over Amazon’s threatened 40,000 square foot, Williamsburg-based fashion studio, said studio has opened and operations are underway.

With the space comes a possible sea change for the retailer as it pushes farther into luxury fashion.  To begin, Amazon will start putting up both more and better images related to their fashion divisions, with the hope of improving the customer experience.  Next will come new sites housed under the Amazon brand, as the company has no intention to push farther into the luxury realm with any of its existing properties.  To go more upscale, Amazon will likely launch something entirely new.

The company is also looking to incorporate technology, data mining, and customer reviews in order to implement a more seamless, social, targeted individual experience.  No word yet on how that specifically relates to the new fashion space, but we have no doubt that if Amazon wants to make it possible for shoppers to talk to each other while it sells them more personalized product ranges from designers they care about, they’ll do it.

And of course, the new studio combined with increased customer data collection will help Amazon make inroads with labels it doesn’t already carry.  While the name comes with huge potential market power, Amazon isn’t exactly luxury brands’ ideal go-to when they think about third-party retailers.  However, the hope is that with the ability to shoot more fashion, better, through the New York hub, and definitively tell brands when they’ve got thousands of customers requesting something Amazon don’t carry, labels will loosen up a little about being marketed through the company, in whichever one of their retail corners that might be.