Alongside Katie Couric and Debra Messing, Fashion Fronts New PSAs From NO MORE

NO MORE PSA campaign

NO MORE, the symbol devoted to educating the public about domestic violence and sexual assault, and eradicating the issue, just launched a new print and video public service announcement series.  Spearheaded by Mariska Hargitay and her Joyful Heart Foundation, the celebrity-fronted PSAs feature entertainment and Hollywood denizens, ranging from Amy Poehler to Jemima Kirke (our favorite Girls girl by far) to Mariska, herself, quoting commonly misused terminology invoked by those questioning or condoning, rather than acknowledging, domestic violence and its victims.   NO MORE’s newest PSA campaign is the latest in a  wide range of educational and supportive programs from the initiative, which is driven by all major U.S. anti-domestic violence and sexual assault organizations.

Bill McComb for NO MOREAmong the many celebs and athletes who’ve lent their voices and faces to the campaign, there are also some notable cameos from within the fashion industry.  First is Tim Gunn, who needs no introduction and whose poster asks “why didn’t she tell anyone?”  Bill McComb, CEO of Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. (one of NO MORE’s major supporters) is featured in the PSA at left, quoting the oft-misused notion “it’s none of my business.”  Jane Randel, a Senior Vice President at Fifth & Pacific Cos., Inc. who helms the company’s corporate social responsibility, calls out one of the issue’s most common, and dangerous, terms of dismissal: “boys will be boys.”

In addition, the print portion of the campaign was photographed by Timothy White, who, while most famous for his celebrity portraiture, has often had work featured in Vogue and shot one of Kiehl’s recent ad campaigns.  (Other representatives from the beauty industry directly support NO MORE: Avon and Mary Kay.)

The new campaign is a powerful means to call necessary attention to the tragic fact that domestic and sexual violence victims are so often wrongly blamed for what’s befallen them.  Take a look at the television ads here, all of the print campaign’s many participants here, and most important, consider sharing your favorite celeb’s PSA across your social networks.