Uniqlo’s New App’s Sole Purpose is to Drive In-Store Foot Traffic

Uniqlo USA app

Ah, the divide between the Web and brick-and-mortar stores, and how to bridge it — a question answered so many different ways, without one prevalent solution.  Uniqlo, to support its growing U.S. presence, is seeing an answer in mobile.  The company is opening 10 more American stores while continuing to avoid launching e-commerce, and plans to drive foot traffic to the newly opened locations via an app.

Uniqlo already has a few mobile offerings, but they’re geared toward buffering the brand’s image, not providing store addresses — Calendar features Japanese culture and pictures of the seasons, while Wake Up is a social alarm clock.  The new app, just called Uniqlo, is way more utilitarian, directing American consumers to its stores, listing employment opportunities (mobile job applications? That’s a new one), announcing collaborations and promotions, and highlighting weekly featured items.

While it sounds like a lot of information that doesn’t warrant its own mobile home (can’t we just get all this from Uniqlo’s site?), the app also includes image recognition technology to scan item logos, leading users to more product information presented via video.  It might be more than we ever wanted to know about bargain cashmere and denim, but it’s a prime example of a retailer capitalizing on digital to push more in-store sales.