Trend Talks: For Fragrance Buzz, Sample Away and Tell a Good Story

Katy Perry Killer Queen

When Tribe Dynamics studied the online buzz surrounding new fall fragrances, scent played almost no role at all in a product’s success.  Instead, high earned media value (EMV) came from two sources — sampling and the story.

The firm studied six scents, from designers and celebrities, and found that Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy Noir blew everyone out of the water.  With 41 online publishers mentioning the fragrance (other brands were all in the single digits) Viva La Juicy Noir had an EMV of $23,338, reaching an online audience of 1.8 million in a 30-day period.  The key, for Juicy Couture, was in motivated brand ambassadors, who re-tweeted and re-posted prolifically, thanks to a range of online sampling offers, many of which weren’t even originally sponsored by the brand.

The other standout fragrance Tribe studied was Katy Perry’s newest, Killer Queen.  With 59 influential online publishers mentioning the scent, an earned media value of about $56,000, and an audience of over 2 million in fewer than 30 days (Killer Queen only debuted in August), Perry’s latest garnered more online buzz than anyone else in the space.  You could argue that any celebrity scent will accomplish this thanks to its built-in back story, because that’s the whole point of the branding.  Perry’s launch, however, neatly coincided with her own updated image.  Killer Queen represents an uptick — in sophistication and complexity — with attendant video, Facebook and Twitter campaigns, and of course, a single (“Roar”) to go with it.

In beating out brands like Calvin Klein, Maison Martin Margiela, and Lolita Lempicka (who all have new scents launching this fall, too) for online attention, Juicy Couture and Katy Perry show simple is better — with unknown scents, it’s all about the story and the sample.

Tribe Dynamics logoAll data is provided by Tribe Dynamics.  For more information on their fall fragrance findings, check out the full study.


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