Through Total Digital Hegemony, Burberry Set the Bar to Beat at Fashion Week

Burberry finale on Instagram

Even though the brand is actually spending less on social media than in previous years, Burberry’s digital dispensation of images, and everything else pertaining to its Spring/Summer 2014 show yesterday, blew all previous media efforts out of the water.

Burberry BeautyBoothThe show was screened so as to be practically globally unavoidable. Besides airing across eleven different social networks and on Burberry’s site, it was also livebeamed on 13 screens throughout the world (which lends further credence, by the way, to livebeaming being the new livestreaming).  The social networks where images and videos aired included the obvious choices — Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram — along with some key foreign sites, like Japan’s Sumally and China’s Weibo.

Integral to Burberry’s Internet storm was their tailored content for each platform. Corresponding numbers proved that it worked.  A fifteen-second Instagram video of the show’s finale (15 seconds is the maximum time allowed) is currently up to 21,000 likes.  There were thousands of retweets, altogether, for the brand’s hashtagged #beautybooth tweets, showing Harry Styles, Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, and others, getting ready for the show.

And it was all made possible by the newest, most popular tech — Apple’s iPhone 5S.  Burberry got exclusive Fashion Week rights to the phone (which doesn’t go on sale until next week), to use for filming and photographing the show, before, after, and during.  The brand even used it for the videos shown on the giant screens set up in Hong Kong and Times Square.

The visual hoopla, tech-forward though it might be, would be a moot point without corresponding product.  Not only is much of what was shown already available on Burberry’s site, but some items were tailor made for technology, giving the whole thing a nice, meta spin.  Several of the brand’s newest bags have interior pockets designed to fit the 5S, and a range of cases that cost almost as much of the phone itself are ready to go, too.


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