The Latest Label to Get In On the Heritage Trend? It’s H&M

Mauritz Archive Collection backpack

Mauritz Archive CollectionWe’re used to hearing about luxury labels dusting off old designs, issuing new spins on classic looks, but who knew fast fashion frontrunner H&M had an archive to dig into, too?  But if it worked for brands brands ranging from Courrèges to Coach, there’s no reason an inexpensive label shouldn’t offer heritage digs — as long as they elevate the quality.

Turns out that H&M, which began life as Hennes (the current “H”), acquired the name Mauritz (now the “M”) from a next door business in Stockholm in 1968.  Mauritz sold men’s outdoor wear, which H&M has updated and will reissue, decades later, under the name Mauritz Archive Collection.

Lest you think fast fashion and rugged outdoor clothing don’t go hand in hand (because, well, they don’t), the capsule collection represents another departure for H&M.  Fabrics have been sourced from Abraham Moon & Sons and British Millerain, British mills specializing in high quality wool and waxed cotton.  We know it’s too early to think about the holidays, but the line, which launches in two days, sounds like it’ll provide ideal Christmas presents for the more outdoors-prone in your life…

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  1. Susannah Edelbaum

    Hi Dante, the backpack is from the H&M Mauritz Collection. Doesn’t seem to be online, but try calling your local store! Hope you find it.


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