The Best Topical Tweets About Apple’s New Gold iPhone 5S

Gold iPhone 5S

We thought the cheaper iPhone would be big news — and fashion thought so too — but then Apple threw everyone a big, shiny curveball in the form of a gold phone.  Baby blue plastic?  Whatever.  While Business Insider already openly declared a bling-induced class war over the thing, Twitter has the funny take.  It remains to be seen whether the gold version will actually turn out to be fashionable (it doesn’t ship until September 20), but at least it’s replaced Miley Cyrus as the flashy topic of the moment:

Wired makes the most salient point about the new iPhone(s).

Rob Delaney, on point as usual (also inspiring us to get a gold iPhone purely out of perversity).

We leave you with topical, fun-poking pancakes.

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