Our 5 Favorite Digital Things This Week

Louis Vuitton Amble

1.  Use Louis Vuitton’s travel app, Amble, to assist you throughout the rest of Paris Fashion Week, or just use it to record vacations, share them with friends, and be inspired by others’ travels.

2.  Google and the CFDA are launching a series of Google+ Hangouts that make it possible to shop a particular designer’s current collection while chatting with the designer him or herself.

Victoria Beckham in her Studio, London, England

3.  Speaking of designer access, Skype is making its first foray into fashion in partnership with Victoria Beckham.  Over a five year period, Skype will have full access to Beckham’s studios, shows, and design process.

4.  3D printable fabric: it’s on its way within a few weeks, thanks to MakerBot.

5.  It’s not digital but it’s notable — Louis Vuitton is looking to cater to an even more rarefied section of the 1% with a new series of bags and accessories that cost more than their already expensive predecessors.