Nissan, Not a Tech Company, Is Next In Line to Launch a Smartwatch

Nissan Nismo

Last week we got really excited about Samsung’s forthcoming smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, and this week comes word of a new one, but it’s not making its debut at the hands of a tech company.

Nissan Nismo in boxThe Nismo, which is produced by Nissan, is designed to do what other smartwatches do — track your biometric information, access social media, and keep you informed as to the health of your car.  Wait, what?

Nissan, positioning itself as a particularly tech-forward automaker, created a really sleek smartwatch that will work in tandem with its newer vehicles.  The watch informs drivers on road conditions, car maintenance, fuel consumption, and even their heart rate while they drive.  Like the Galaxy Gear, it comes in a few colors, unlike the Galaxy Gear, the Nismo is thin, slick, and really, really good-looking.

The one trouble with this watch, of course, is that it’s really not for everyone — it only functions as a complement to Nissan cars.  Another gripe: why do all smartwatches seem to launch in Germany?  The Galaxy Gear debuted in Berlin; the Nismo at a car show in Frankfurt.  At least the Apple iWatch, whenever it shows up, will do so in the U.S.