Macy’s Amps Up Tech to Offer Expanded Click and Pick Up Service


Click and pick up — it’s not just for grocery stores and Australia anymore.  Macy’s is adding an e-commerce/in-store pick-up program to 500 of its U.S. stores.

The pick up program is also being added to 36 Bloomingdale’s stores, but has yet to be perfected.  (New Yorkers, for instance, don’t want to be directed to fetch an order from White Plains.)  The entire thing won’t roll out fully for some time, because the company needs to catch up its inventory technology to the scope of the program.  However, Macy’s sees a huge advantage to eventually having this in place, from customers who so far have bought more while at the store to collect previous orders.

To take full advantage of this, though, the program has to work pretty efficiently.  Most retailers just don’t have it down yet.  Zara, for example, offers free in-store pick-up, but filling orders takes several business days.  If you’re waiting anyway, why not get your stuff delivered to your house?  Especially since, in this case, that’s free, too.  If there’s one driving point to click and pick up, it’s the same-day availability, somewhere convenient.