Luxury Cars, Luxury Designers — It’s The New Collaboration Zeitgeist

Zac Posen Infiniti Q50

Another day, another…auto/design collab?  Seems to be the case, with Thom Browne, Zac Posen, and Michelle Vale all going to the drawing board in conjunction with carmakers.

The partnerships cut both ways, with Browne and Posen designing limited edition Infiniti Q50 models and Vale designing totes for Audi.  Bentley, meanwhile, doesn’t have a big name designer at the helm of its new capsule collection of handbags, but the line still carries a price tag as if it did.  The cheaper of their two models is $5500, which is more than some cars that are most certainly not Bentleys.

Bentley handbagsThough Infiniti’s new designer Q50s seem like the unlikeliest style venture of the group, they’re one part in a strong marketing infrastructure.  They go on sale on December 12th, only on Gilt Groupe.  Browne and Posen were specifically chosen to create complementary men’s and women’s models (Browne’s has red, white, and blue interior racing stripes; Posen’s offers maroon sparkles inside and an ombré effect outside — guess which one is “female?”).  A charitable component from the cars’ $75,000 price tag benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which is admittedly really great, and buyers get a $10,000 credit to use on Gilt, which will buy a whole lot of discounted designer merchandise.

The purchase price also comes with a style consultation, presumably so drivers can spend that ten grand wisely and look as good as their new cars.  Now, who’s going to be next in this mini-trend?  Our vote goes to something really weird and outlandishly unaffordable, like Tesla and Rick Owens.