In a New Collab Spin, Amber Valetta Curated a Responsible Collection for Yoox

Amber Valetta Master & Muse


Valetta models her responsible picks.

Valetta models her responsible picks.

Master & Muse, created by former model Amber Valleta and touted as a lifestyle brand on Yoox, sounds like the latest in a string of model fashion lines. (See: Kate Moss for Topshop, Elle McPherson for her eponymouse underwear, Lily Cole jewelry for Amazon, and on and on.)  Instead, it’s a cherry-picked collection of a range of items from responsible brands that meet Valetta’s specific criteria for what constitutes “responsible.”

In picking labels, Valetta sought designers who not only source their materials sustainably and practice corporate transparency, but also foster a dialogue with both their consumers and the rest of the industry about the importance of socially responsible fashion.  And, of course, she chose clothing, jewelry, and accessories that actually look good (exhibits A and B, above and at left).  There’s even a shoppable video on YouTube in which Valetta casually interviews and introduces the designers she’s chosen.

If the collection of stuff seems like a flimsy excuse to hang a celebrity name on, it’s not.  Valetta and Yoox are playing to the fact that we’d all probably like to buy a little more responsibly, without sacrificing actual style.  Their handpicked endorsements just make it easier, and more importantly, remove some of the crunchy stigma that’s still clinging to “green” fashion.