Here’s What Google Glass Fashion Apps Might Be Like

Google Glass in Vogue

Courtesy of TechCrunch, which hosted a Disrupt Hackathon, a clearer picture of fashion’s future on Google Glass is emerging.  While Vogue‘s recent Glass-wearing models were a great way to show that yes, fashion is embracing this technology (first!!!), we want to know what’s happening behind the lenses.

Four attendees in particular sought to address the ways Glass can be used in fashion.  (It should be noted that ShopStyle’s API was opened for hackers, encouraging fashion-related innovation.)

1.   The developer Yosun Chang used the technology’s gyroscope to point a crosshair at items you want.  Users point with a head motion, and then tap to “shoot” the desired item.  Appropriately, the program was called StyleZapper.  In theory, it would be used in conjunction with e-commerce.

2.  Turns out Glass can be used as a newer, better vehicle for asking “where’d you get that?”  Putting the camera to work, the developers Marley Kaplan and Lance Nanek made Street | Stile for wearers to snap photos of other people’s outfits, speak the name of the designer, and access similar looks in one go.  Marries street style tourism, shopping, and a non-weird way to use the Glass camera — we like it.

3.   Glashion is like Street | Stile, but creepier.  This one was also created to let users take pictures of other people’s outfits, but sneaily.  On the other hand, the app has a nice human component — actual stylists use the photos to find and recommend related clothing.

4.  The most complex, advanced fashion app to come out of TechCrunch’s hackathan was ShopStyle for Glass, which not only lets users photograph items and search for similar styles, but finds them in stores and offers directions.  And based on what users like over and over, the app shows a daily feed of recommended products.  We like the brick-and-mortar component, but it might be the ultimate gateway to too-easy impulse shopping — being able to photograph something on the street and winding up in a store within minutes, physically trying out a similar look.