Goodbye Screenprinting: Epson Launched a Direct-to-Garment Printer Today


Epson SureColor F2000 printerWhile we don’t expect Epson’s new SureColor F2000 printers to completely take over Brooklyn screenprinting workshops anytime soon, the new direct-to-garment (DTG) machines offer pretty unique, high-quality imaging technology.

When we tested the inkjet printer last month, it delivered clearly printed tees fast and reliably.  While it can’t be used for anything delicate (silk fabric painters aren’t out of a job, yet), the technology prints on cotton and 50-50 blends, and works great for t-shirts, totes, and jackets.

The printer requires a corresponding heated press, which seals the image on a garment, but you could probably skip that step if you wanted to wash the clothing directly into a vintage, worn-in look.

With Epson officially debuting the printers today, what we want to see is an all-3D-printed clothing workshop.  How great would a partnership between a 3D printing company (oh Shapeways, we’re looking at you) and Epson’s newest apparatus be to make a wearable yet totally tech-produced line of clothes?