Beating The Collaboration Doldrums, Petit Bateau Partners With Opera House

Petit Bateau

This designer and that designer.  Those mass market chains and this emerging label.  Boring!  Petit Bateau, known for high quality children’s clothing and perfect t-shirts for women, is working with two storied, unlikely houses on an upcoming collaboration.  One is the former couture house Christian Lacroix, and the other is…an opera house.  Yes, the t-shirt maker is partnering with the Paris National Opera.

Going on sale December 6th, the three-way capsule collection will include four women’s styles and two for kids.  Besides Petit Bateau stores, the Opéra Garnier boutique, which is run by Galeries Lafayette, will also be selling the styles.  The partnership is designed to give Petit Bateau greater overseas visibility, particularly in the BRIC countries, while helping the Paris National Opera capitalize on its own name to become more commercially viable.  For Lacroix’s part, he’s worked with a few different iconic brands since shuttering his couture line, and said he associates Petit Bateau with “a happy childhood.”

Prices range from about $65 (for children’s items) to $330 for a jersey evening dress.  The collection’s full tag?  It’s a glamorous mouthful: “Petit Bateau et Opéra National de Paris par Christian Lacroix.”