Will New Personalized Sales Shake Up Gilt?

Gilt Groupe

Like Fab.com before them, Gilt Groupe is launching personalized sales to appeal to an audience that increasingly expects a tailored, or tailor-able, presentation.  Unlike Fab, Gilt is hanging onto the flash sale model to do it.  Today they launched a new user page, “Your Personal Sale,” reports TechCrunch, based on what a person has previously purchased and browsed, plus where they live.

The algorithm-powered tailored sale will be updated daily, like the rest of Gilt’s wares, and is available for men’s and women’s looks now (though perhaps not yet across the board, as we tried to access this and it didn’t seem to exist).   Housewares and children’s clothes will get their personalized formats at a later point.

We knew this was coming thanks to Gilt’s recent public refocusing and strategizing based on digital data collection (our favorite!).  While flash sale exhaustion is definitely a thing, the prospect of an organized sale just for us kind of refreshes the whole concept.  Would daily discounts tailored to your preferences bring you back to the model?

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