The New Bentley of Handbags is Actually a Bentley Handbag

Bentley handbag

Hey, if Mercedes-Benz can make a men’s cologne (and who doesn’t love eau de new car scent) why shouldn’t Bentley make purses?

Appropriately, one of the models is named for Diana Barnato-Walker, a Bentley customer and aviator who was the first woman to break the sound barrier.  The other is named for the Continental, a Bentley model.

Bentley’s head of product design, Daniele Ceccomori, tapped a former Louis Vuitton and Loewe designer, Vincent du Sartel, to collaborate on the two styles, debuting in Pebble Beach on August 18.  The bags’ colors match Bentley’s cars — Fireglow Red, Linen, Neptune Blue, and Imperial Blue.  Rather than launching in stores, the two looks will only be sold through trunk shows (remember those?) and various events in the U.S., Britain, Asia, and the Middle East.  We’re surprised there’s no Sao Paulo on that list, but other than that, the bags’ rarefied availability definitely reflects Bentley’s general ethos.

This is one ($5500 to $7000) way for an automaker to appeal to women…and as far as logos go, we’re pretty charmed by the look of the little Bentley wings encrusted into leather.  And Birkins have become so ubiquitous over the past decade, anyway.