Snap Fashion Searches Style Using Solely Visual Criteria

Snap Fashion

Because sometimes Google just doesn’t cut it for fashion queries, Snap Fashion makes it possible to search for a piece of clothing, or its cheaper equivalent, using an image of the original item.  The visual search program for the Web and mobile is predicated on finding fashion based on cut, color, and texture.  Jenny Griffiths, who founded the site as a computer science student, says it’s the only search engine using all three criteria.

Snap Fashion searchOur unfortunately unsuccessful quest for Selma Blair’s dress.

There are three ways to upload an image: add it from your computer’s photo library, “snap” it via the installable bookmark button, or take a picture through the Snap Fashion’s app (coming soon for Android).  The program confirms the category of garment you’re looking for, and has you add an outline to the item in question before beginning a search. Griffiths and the site are both based in the UK, but Snap Fashion browses around 170 online retailers, many who ship internationally, for equivalent looks.

Moving from searching to buying is seamless; Snap Fashion connects in a click to its partner retailers.  Users can also save items to wishlists, filter searches by brand, read related fashion news, and pretty soon, search for men’s looks, too.