Our 5 Favorite Digital Things This Week


1.  The monthly subscription beauty sample site Birchbox released stats showing their model works.  Half their subscribers go on to make full-size purchases from the site, now making up a quarter of the company’s revenue.

2.  Our friends over at PR Couture rounded up eight digital magazines you should know.  We hadn’t heard of any of them, and it turned out they’re all delightful.

3.  StyleSaint began life as an online editorial/social fashion destination, but with $4.3 million in new funding, they’ve changed gears.  Beginning this week, they’re designing crowdsourced capsule collections based on their users’ popular looks.

4.  Facebook is testing its own version of PayPal in a bid to make f-commerce (remember that?) more viable.  The technology will also comprise a broader mobile payment system to compete with the myriad options already out there.

5.  Rodarte worked with director Todd Cole, dressing the main character in this short fantasy film for the Creators Project.  Beach House did the score: