Nordstrom Improves Its Digital Customer Tracking


When Nordstrom tried tracking its customers’ shopping patterns via their phones’ WI-FI, in theory, to serve them better, the effort wasn’t particularly well-received.  It seemed invasive and big-brother-y without offering enough of a benefit in return.  (More efficiently rearranged merchandise?  Great.)   Nordstrom is trying again, this time through an opt-in feature that gives its salespeople access to customers’ profiles.

As in-store digital efforts go, this round sounds way better.  The mobile technology, which Nordstrom is still testing, would send its associates a shopper’s information when they enter a store.  In order to provide access to their data, which includes online purchasing history, customers download an app that links up to what the sales associates see.  The point is to automate better customer service.  Seems like a win all around.

Giving salespeople instant access to size and style preferences is a good idea, though our preferred Nordstrom live digital experience is still the in-store tagging of popular items from the retailer’s Pinterest account.  Informative but unobtrusive, that seems like the most advantageous, logical bridging of the Web-to-store gap, and it works for everyone, whether they’re inclined to download another app or not.