Get Your Boys AND Girls Ready For Back to School With FabKids


FabKids, the monthly clothing subscription site with Christina Applegate for a celebrity parent face, launched boys’ styles today.  Just in time for back to school shopping!  Like so many of its predecessors, the site is predicated on offering shoppers (mostly moms, in this case) a monthly set of options based on a quiz about their kid’s style.

FabKids outfitFabKids recommends a three piece outfit every month, which, at $39.95 for the whole thing, is more or less a bargain for kids’ clothes.  You can opt out of buying whenever you want.

The site is an offshoot of JustFab, a women’s subscription shoe site fronted by Kimora Lee, and was originally founded as a girls’ clothing company.  Though boys’ styles weren’t available at launch, it makes more sense to offer clothing for both sexes to parents trying to do all their kids’ shopping in one place.  As for the monthly model, this is an instance of the trend actually fitting the product — rather than buying a range of clothing for a kid all at once (à la the traditional back to school shopping trip) why not have it arrive outfit by outfit, spread out over time?  Then you can adjust the sizes needed as your kid grows.  No sudden growth spurt suddenly makes your child’s wardrobe unwearable.