For Millennials, Rent the Runway and L’Oréal Bring Back the Trunk Show

Rent the Runway

The leading online clothing rental site and the cosmetics behemoth are collaborating, but not on a product, on a marketing strategy.  Trying to capture the attention of millennial girls, Rent the Runway and L’Oréal are going where they are: college.

The companies plan to do this via combination sampling/trunk show events, to meet their target demographic in person and assist the girls in creating head to toe looks.  The effort is reminiscent of the recent revival, by high-end designers, of trunk shows.  Basically, there’s no guarantee that your target audience will read your emails, see your ads, or look at you on social media, so if you want to ensure you grab their attention, you need to show up face-to-face.

Both brands see the millennial female audience as the future of their businesses, which it is.  Meanwhile, working in tandem on campus is mutually beneficial, since L’Oréal gets to tap into Rent the Runway’s 4 million-strong subscriber base, and Rent the Runway expands on their efforts to offer women a more complete styling experience.

Interestingly, the On Campus program is also a form of headhunting.  Attendees receive recruitment advice and can apply for internships at both companies.  Who knew a trunk show could simultaneously offer a lean-in moment?