Cool Filters For Social Video From…Giorgio Armani?

Frames of Life

Sometimes posting Vines just isn’t enough.  Giorgio Armani, in a first for both the fashion house and the industry in general, created his own in-app filter, in conjunction with the Swedish app-based editing studio, VideofyMe, to both represent and be utilized by the Armani Frames of Life campaign.

VideofyMe lets iPhone/iPad/iPod users shoot, edit, and score mobile videos up to five minutes, and Frames of Life is predicated on layman-created, short, shared films.  When VideofyMe’s team and David Girhammar, Armani’s Head of Digital Editorial Strategy met during Stockholm Fashion Week, “Girhammar felt that there was an opportunity for a creative partnership between Armani and VideofyMe,” Robert Mellberg, VideofyMe’s founder, explains. “Through Frames of Life, Armani wants to turn the lens on the users and see their own stories come to life.”   So the app-fashion house duo specially created a filter, #FRAMESOFYOU, inspired by the tones and colors of Armani’s original Frames of Life videos (here’s a good example), for the fashion house’s audience and VideofyMe’s users to make and share the most Armani-esque films possible:

Moody, spare, black-and-white is the overall Armani look.

We’re used to using an app’s filters to look our best in designer duds, not color our mobile videos with a filter dreamed up by an international fashion house.  To create and share an Armani-approved short, download VideofyMe, get shooting, and apply the specialized filter — then hashtag it with #FRAMESOFYOU and share it with the app’s other 750,000 users, and across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Armani is uploading all the films to a dedicated Tumblr page, and picking the best three each week to feature on the Frames of Life site.

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