A Dress a Day, Made in the U.S.A.

One Dress a Day

Like the style subscription services that preceded it, One Dress a Day will be releasing its niche fashion on a set schedule.  Unlike the members-only subscription model, however, the fashion start-up launching on August 26th won’t require any set purchases or club-like membership.

The company is founded by Bruno Schiavi of Jupi Corp., whose firm has worked on, among others, the Kardashian Kollection (so…expect to see bodycon party dresses).  The average price from Schiavi’s newest project will be $169, and each look, released daily, will be issued in a limited edition run for 30 days, or until it sells out.

What’s more notable about One Dress a Day than its Kardashian connection (or konnection), and what certainly appeals to us most, is the new brand’s commitment to domestic manufacturing.  Reversing several decades-long industry trends in one fell swoop, One Dress a Day’s clothing will be all American-made yet also available to order in 28 countries.  You can get a sense of what the new brand will be creating, here.