Which New Tech Specs Are Taking On Google Glass?

GlassUp classic look

A GlassUp prototype.

Google Glass are by far the most well publicized augmented reality glasses, but they’re not the only tech specs trying to make their way onto your face.  And where Glass comes with privacy issues and a price tag that can make the wearable tech, well, unwearable, other brands are working on offering the same in-your-face convenience — without those problems.

Enter GlassUp, still in fundraising mode (but now with an unnamed backer guaranteeing February delivery either way), which will display your smartphone apps on your lenses, windshield-style.  They seem particularly ideal for travel (translations, maps, information about works of art in museums worldwide).  What they won’t have: a camera or a video recorder.  The company is billing its product as “receive only,” meaning it can’t be used to spy on and record other people.  Worth noting, though, is that GlassUp does offer a prospective camera version of the glasses on its Indiegogo page — so the privacy issue might eventually fall by the wayside.

Either way, by initially leaving out the invasive features, GlassUp will be way cheaper than Google Glass (a non-prescription pair of GlassUps start at $299), and may be less dorky looking.  We hope.  The pairs shown online now are only prototypes; GlassUp promises the final product “will look like a normal pair of eyeglasses,” and they’re working with mainstream but high-end Italian eyewear labels to make it so.

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  1. tania ahrens

    How can I be retail of your glasses. I’m in NY my number is 845-486-5022 or 848-812-3581


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