When the iWatch Drops, It’ll be Fashionable

Apple iWatch artist renderings

One of the more common artist renderings of the supposed iWatch.

Because Nike FuelBands are kind of…rubbery, are they not?  And Google Glass makes you look like a dork, albeit a disruptive one (and we don’t mean noisy).  Aesthetic projections for the Apple iWatch are that it’ll actually look like a high-tech luxury item.

An iWatch rendering by Martin Hayek.

An iWatch rendering by Martin Hayek.

While it helps that it’s on your wrist and not your face, leave it to Apple to likely create the first multipurpose wearable tech that also functions as a decent-looking accessory.  Artist renderings make it look like a classic piece that wouldn’t be out of place at the MoMA’s Design Store.  In general, rumors are swirling that Apple has dozens of new hires working on the technology, and it’ll be released sometime in 2014.

Yves Saint Laurent’s former CEO, Paul Deneve, is on board alongside Apple’s senior team and a former developer of Nike’s FuelBand, Jay Blahnik.  Blahnik and Deneve’s specific involvement with the iWatch hasn’t been confirmed, but what else could they be working on?

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