Shopbop’s New Men’s Site, East Dane, Will Put Packing Tape In the Packages

East Dane

Amazon-owned Shopbop is going after the growing but elusive male demographic that actually shops online, and they’re changing their formula to do it.  The features they’ll introduce at the September debut of East Dane sound, frankly, way better than what’s already out there.  Here’s hoping some of them filter over to the ladies’ side.

Because guys actually exhibit more proven brand loyalty than women, they’ll be able to store information about the labels carried by the site, and because they prefer style advice from experts over friends, East Dane will offer outfit recommendations.  Other changes sound utilitarian but wise. Expect bigger pictures, no tissue paper in the boxes (too feminine), and no distracting faces on the models (they’ll all be photographed neck-down, except, presumably, for hats).  The biggest departure from the norm is a new approach to a streamlined navigation system; the site plans to do away with the left-side navigation panel and keep all the category/refinement options in one place, at the top of the page.  Sounds good to us.

And, for goodness’ sake, East Dane will include packing tape with its orders, to make returns easier.  Are you kidding?  This is the one single hitch that gets us every time.  We hope this favor will be extended to the women’s section, or get ready for some irate feedback, Shopbop HQ.