Our 5 Favorite Digital Things This Week

Montblanc Star Signet Bracelet

1.  Montblanc is the latest luxury brand to demonstrate their continued belief in the power of F-commerce.  Their new Star Signet Bracelet is available to Facebook fans only in a limited run of 500 pieces.

2.  We took a tour through RTW/custom/bespoke jeans maker 3X1′s downtown Manhattan digs, and learned all about finding skilled denim artisans (surprise, it’s no easy feat) and the history of selvedge.


3.  Speaking of jeans, this week Levi’s announced that they’re going to make your derrière look even better, with a line of wearable tech-infused denim called Revel.  A chemical injection controls how much and where the jeans stretch for the most flattering fit possible.

4.  Louis Vuitton launched mobile commerce for its American customers, and announced the launch by way of this cute cartoon:

5.  Topshop and iTunes are collaborating to offer mood music on the Topshop site.  Within the next few weeks, the retailer will begin embedding tracks designed to reflect their newest clothes or the weather in a shopper’s given area.