Nordstrom Leverages Pinterest Popularity In-Store

Nordstrom top pins

Bridging social media and the real world, Nordstrom is adding labels to denote in-store items that happen to be particularly popular on Pinterest.  It’s a smart way to capitalize on the tastes of the department store’s 4.5 million followers on the social network.

The labels don’t say anything about how much an item was re-pinned, and employees have a lot of agency to decide how many online favorites they should actually tag in their store.  (Associates use an internal app to see which of their in-stock items are trending on the social network, and choose which to tag from that pool.)  The labeled products aren’t separated from the rest of the goods, so there’s no in-store “Pinterest Favorites” section, yet.  Unsurprisingly, though, all the Pinterest-approved items are women’s.

And of course, because no in-store program is complete anymore without some kind of dovetailing tablet feature, iPads around the stores show the rest of what’s popular on Pinterest from the retailer.  If you’re looking to crowdsource your style, Nordstrom just made it really easy.

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