New Zealand is Hosting Its First-Ever Eco Fashion Week

New Zealand Eco Fashion Week

One look from Doppelganger, a line showing at New Zealand’s new fashion week.

Have you heard?  All the big editors are skipping the usual Fashion Weeks this September to go to ethical fashion week instead.  In New Zealand.

Just kidding.  Maybe that’ll happen in an ideal world.  What is true, though, and wonderful, is that New Zealand really is hosting an eco fashion week this September, the first of its kind in the region (other cities around the world offering such a thing include Berlin, Amsterdam, and Vancouver).

The brands showing all use organic, fairly traded materials, are certified sustainable, or are made entirely locally.  As one would expect of an ethically-minded series of fashion shows, tickets can be bought by anyone to attend New Zealand Eco Fashion Week, so if you’re in Wellington for some reason, consider dropping by for the runway, pop-up shops, and workshops.

For eco-fashion to lose its crunchy image and keep moving into the mainstream, this kind of event is indispensable.  And if the farther reaches of the world (at least, far from the traditional centers of the fashion industry) are riding this wave, sustainable style has gone beyond “trend” status.  C’mon, New York, what are you waiting for?