Know Your Latest Fashion and Art Collaborations

Lulu Guinness Paint Project

Look, we love a good fashion-and-art mash-up, even if some prominent members of the art world thinks it’s the worst. (“A crowd of shiny morons turning reality inside out so it matches the echo chamber of their worldview,” is our favorite quote about art-meets-fashion, ever.)  Since the two worlds continue to collide despite occasional protestations from the art side, you might as well keep up with who in fashion is linking up with what artist.  Especially since Jay-Z is all over it.

1.  First off, these Lulu Guinness bags splattered in paint by the young artist Joseph Steele are 1. awesome and 2. being launched tonight (in London).  The Lulu Guinness Paint Project will be available online for purchase tomorrow, in a signed, numbered run of 180 unique pieces.

Lulu Guinness Joseph Steele clutches

2.   Net-a-Porter partnered with Stacy Engman, the chief curator of contemporary art at The National Arts Club, to offer the Art Capsul project.  The series of bespoke pieces of clothing represent the visions of contemporary artists Marina Abramovic, George Condo, Terence Koh, Vik Muniz, and Mickalene Thomas.  Appropriately, the fashion designer-free fashion made its debut in Paris during couture week, at the Palais de Tokyo (a wonderful contemporary art pavilion).  The made-to-order garments are also priced on par with couture, as their costs reflect the going rates for actual art by their blue chip artist-creators.

Marina Abramovic jumpsuits for Net-a-PorterMarina Abramovic jumpsuits for Net-a-Porter’s Art Capsul project.

3.  And for a change of pace, don’t forget about fashion’s ties to the art world that help boost its people behind the scenes.  Prada is working with the Qatar Museums Authority to find the next generation of museum curators.  The competition is open until the end of December, with winners announced in April of next year.  Put a video and corresponding paper together on your curatorial vision, and enter here to get your dream show realized in both Qatar and Italy.