Kanye West + Nicola Formichetti: A Match Made in Fashion PR Heaven

Kanye West + APC

Kanye West for APC, one of the rapper’s better-received fashion industry efforts.

Or maybe its fashion PR hell, given their joint track record.  Kanye West is supposedly reviving his line with the help of Nicola Formichetti, formerly of Mugler and more recently, the artistic director at Diesel.

At any rate, the two hit their bumpiest fashion moments concomitantly — Kanye’s debut collection, for Spring 2012, was almost universally panned, while his sophomore attempt next season fared a little better.  Formichetti’s first Mugler collection (for which Lady Gaga walked the runway) was well-received; later he was accused of focusing too heavily on tech tricks and showmanship at the expense of the clothes themselves.  It was the same season as West’s inauspicious debut.

Now the two might be working together.  Supposedly the rapper and the designer spent some time in the same studio in Milan, designing a 100 piece unisex line that, if it’s a real thing, will be more the work of West than Formichetti (the latter was evidently just advising).

We’re curious.  West’s most recent fashion moonlighting, for an APC men’s capsule line, sold out in a weekend.  If his new stuff is indeed unisex, and any good, maybe that’s where his industry calling actually lies — in men’s streetwear, not high-end women’s fashion.