Even Kate Moss is Getting Into Wearable Tech

Kate Moss on cellphone

Okay, so it’s more like wearable tech accessories, but if Kate Moss is doing it, it’s an undeniable trend.

The model/occasional designer is working with a British cellphone company, Carphone Warehouse, on a line of covers, cases, and a smattering of technology-enabled smartphone and tablet paraphernalia (here’s hoping the collaboration will yield a better-looking version of those battery-charging cases already out there).¬† At first blush, we thought this was an out-of-character project for Moss, whose past design partners includ Topshop and Longchamp, but hey, if wearable tech is the future, and Moss is one step ahead of fashion, as usual, the collaboration is right on time.

The Kate Moss Accessories Collection debuts later this summer; the collaboration is the model’s first foray (maybe any model’s first foray) into gadgets. ¬†With cell phone covers, headsets, etc., all ubiquitous enough to be considered a part of your outfit, Moss’s most likely stylish new options will probably show up in such fashionable locales as the front rows of Fashion Week this September.

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