Download This: Buy All-New York Designers With Gojee’s New App


Gojee, a recipe-turned-fashion site, is launching a shopping app that touts emerging designers.  In a unique twist, they’re applying a regional focus to the labels, and the new app is specifically a platform for up-and-coming New York fashion brands.

Gojee — New York Fashion, as the app version of the site is called, retains the food and broader-ranging style offerings the main site is already known for, but the mobile platform’s core is clearly its young designers.  Intended as a discovery function for the public and an advocate for its fledgling labels, Gojee has plans to try to connect with the CFDA and Made In New York to promote and expand upon its new, unique position in New York’s homegrown fashion industry.

Gojee New York Fashion app

What’s also interesting about Gojee is that the standard site began solely as a recipe clearinghouse, offering dishes for ingredients readers already had stocked in their pantries.  Repositioning the company as a mobile go-to for emerging regional designers is an unusual (but appealing!) leap, making Gojee pretty singular among both fashion sites.  And with the app’s fashion and housewares starting at a price point around $80, it’s even an accessible endeavor, at that.