A Visual Prehistory and Timeline of the Apple iWatch

Martin Hayek Apple iWatch concept

Matching and exceeding the growing Google Glass buzz is Apple’s entrance into the wearable tech wristwatch market. While nothing is confirmed, with patents filed and new engineers hired, an official announcement of the iWatch should be made in a matter of time.

The natural gravitation toward digitally-enabled accessories has been a long time coming, and the biggest question now is what they will actually look like when they arrive.

We took a look at all the iWatch rumors and imagined mock-ups.  With all the information that has been released just within the past month, we were able to piece together a narrative prediction that ends with the iWatch hitting the market by the end of 2014:


We don’t know what the watch will look like, but we’ve compiled some of the conceptual design mock-ups populating the Web.

2010, 6th generation iPod Nano redesign: The 6th generation iPod nano was introduced in 2010 and was seen as a glorified digital watch. With a small touchscreen face, designers and developers were quick to create watchbands that would easily hold the product. What’s more, you could turn on the watch function and have it look like an analog timepiece.

July 2, 2013, trademarking of the name ‘iWatch:' Apple files to trademark ‘iWatch’ in five countries, the United States and Japan among them. At this point, the product may be the worst kept secret in the industry, however, trademarking could also be Apple protecting itself from other companies capitalizing on the buzz.

July 3, 2013, Yves Saint Laurent CEO hired to oversee project: Apple dipped into the fashion executive pool and hired Paul Deneve to oversee a ‘special project’ over the next few months. The iWatch will be Apple’s first dive into fashion – even if it’s fashion-adjacent -- and it makes sense to have an executive from the industry work closely with the tech company.

July 2013, Engineer hiring spree: According to Business Insider, Apple has been “aggressively” hiring new engineers tasked with overseeing the production of the iWatch.

July 5, 2013: Patents filed, with diagrams: Similar to trademarking the name, Apple could just be patenting a current iWatch design to prevent outsiders jeopardizing what's in development. However, patents mean a final product is on its way.

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