With More Mobile Dreams in the Pipeline, It’s Crucial to Follow eBay

eBay on mobile

As eBay pushes the front lines of mobile, even ideas barely in development are worthy of note.  Steve Yankovich, the company’s Vice President of innovation and new ventures, told WWD about some of their upcoming projects/his dreams for mobile.

Between the mobile-enabled technology and one-hour courier delivery service, we were very into eBay’s recent “shoppable windows” partnership with Kate Spade Saturday, which relied on touchscreen technology.  Now Yankovich has plans outlined for an entire adaptable mall app, which would change what it offered based on the store a customer was in at any given moment.  He also imagines an iPad tool for sales associates to recognize their customers and give detailed information on what they like (including if they prefer to be left alone), and a mobile tool that shows customers what products, in their sizes and preferences, are in stock when they’re in any particular store.

While these particular features aren’t yet in the nascent stage, in reality, eBay is advancing to the forefront of mobile commerce.  Even the company’s executives’ pipe dreams are worth jotting down.  In recent history, we’ve seen eBay’s domestic mobile app become the most popular shopping app among both iPhone and Android users.  The company now relies on mobile commerce to enter emerging markets, offering a desktop site only after gaining a local foothold.

With Yankovich dreaming of new mobile technologies that rely on and assist with brick-and-mortar retail, our guess is that the online auction site must have new brand partnerships in mind, too.  While we’ll go for shoppable windows any day of the week, it’s exciting to see what eBay might have in store (pun intended) for established retailers.

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