The 5 Best Newly Revamped Luxury Brand Web Sites

new luxury brand web sites lead image

With brand histories, lookbook archives, new e-commerce components, and more, several recent luxury houses’ revamped Web sites are total standouts.  These five are our favorites; we tend to visit them just for the sartorial inspiration, even if we’re not in the market for any of the goods.

Fendi: The Italian luxury house just relaunched its site this week, adding a new Fendi Roma logo, a history section (which isn't yet in English, but at least the pictures are fun), and a beautiful, video-filled "Magic of Fendi" section that needs no translation. The site doesn't offer e-commerce; its sole function is to be a cross-platform brand-building tool showing every detail of the label's heritage, and collections both new and old.

Cartier: The historic jeweler also unveiled a new site this week, having launched interactive digital content. Besides making it easier to browse online, the site offers brand history, a range of videos, links to all their apps, and updates on brand events, like museum exhibits, around the world.

M Missoni: The secondary line to iconic Missoni just revamped its Web site to include more visuals, beautiful seasonal lookbooks (which you can download for your own use) and our favorite feature: a Pinterest-like component, Heart Today, that offers an ongoing range of the brand's looks and inspirations.

Narciso Rodriguez: The new, unusual layout, which is very clean, simple, and totally reflective of the brand itself, now includes e-commerce, which the designer never offered until this year.

John Varvatos: And one for the boys. When John Varvatos re-did his site at the end of the winter, he updated it to reflect the interiors of his physical stores in downtown Manhattan (white brick, dark wood), and to offer his different collections in a more organized layout. Furthermore, the site makes it easy to move from one line to another on a tablet or mobile phone, making the mobile commerce experience as seamless as the desktop version. Last but not least, a new Personal Shopper service lets customers set up style consultations via the Web.