Power Your Phone While You Dance (Or Sleep)

Power Pocket by Vodafone

Created to meet demand at a slew of British summer music festivals, Vodafone invented what we’re pretty sure is the first phone charger ever that powers up your cell phone while you dance.

The Power Pocket, a transportable charger, is built into two outdoors-ready items: a pair of denim cut-offs and a sleeping bag.  Using the temperature difference between you and the surrounding air, the device converts its wearer’s body heat and movements into electric voltage, which means you can charge your phone while you run around and later, while you sleep it off.  The device was created by Vodafone in conjunction with electronics and computer science students at the University of Southampton.

The Power Pocket is out in the world and functioning, having made its debut at the Isle of Wright festival last week.  No word yet on when it’ll be widely commercially available (and in the U.S. — Vodafone is based in the UK), but it should probably be around by Coachella next year.  Or, much more important, by the next round of hurricanes/tornadoes/other regional weather disasters that leave a slew of people literally powerless.